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Helping our environment one animal at a time!

Possumbiltiies, Inc. is a Georgia State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation facility that serves injured and orphaned small mammals. 


Virginia Opossum


Grey Squirrel

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About Possumbilities, Inc.

Licensed in 2021,Possumbilities was opened in Northwest Georgia due to people having few options in this area to get much needed help with injured and orphaned small mammals. I trained for over 2 years at a state licensed  facility, I passed the Georgia state licensing exam and passed the state inspection procedures to become a licensed facility. We serve all non-rabies vector small mammals, but specialize in the Virginia Opossum, Grey Squirrel and Chipmunk.  We raise orphaned babies, treat injured and sick animals, and provide pre-release training to reintroduce the animals to their natural habitat. We prefer soft release procedures, called "hacking", to give the animals,  what we believe to be, the best chance of survival.  



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Our numbers
for 2021

From October until December we received 21 animals - 7 squirrels, 12 opossums and 2 chipmunks. Of these, several are still in care. Some due to being late season orphans, which will be released in the spring. Others are still recovering and will be released as soon as warmer weather appears. 

Wildlife Rehabbing is expensive. Georgia provides no funding for wildlife rehabbers. There is little funding available from other sources, especially small facilities like Possumbilities. We depend on the kindness and generosity of our loyal supporters. Thank you to each one who helps! 


So far this year (2022), we have received 242 animals, mainly opossums. We are working hard to rehabilitate and release these animals as soon as they are fully ready.

As baby season for opossums ends, we gear up for squirrel babies, already taking in 11 this month!  


March, 2022 - The first baby  arrived - a grey squirrel. The homeowners hired a pest company to remove squirrels and seal entrances. This poor baby was left behind. The homeowners found him several days later. They brought him to us for rehabilitation. The baby is growing and doing great. This was quickly followed by many opossums, rabbits,

a groundhog and more!  

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