Trees and Mountains
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Community Conservation

I have been told "just let nature take its course". I understand the circle of life, much like the one discussed in the Lion King. But what happens when we interfere with nature's course? Building roads, houses and factories in the habitats of animals interferes with nature's course. Throwing out garbage on the sides of the roads interfere with nature's course. Domesticated animals - dogs and cats for example - interferes with nature's course. We continually do things that interfere with wildlife's ability to live naturally. So, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to help wildlife as much as I can. When an elderly animal needs help in their last days, I feel I should help. When an animal is hit crossing the road to get the fast food bag thrown out the car window, I feel I need to help help. Treating an animal attacked by a dog while crossing your yard, I feel, is my responsibility. Rehabbing  wildlife is one way to help our environment. 

Early Education

Virginia Opossum's are North America's only marsupial. The babies are born after about 8 days of pregnancy and crawl to the womb. A mother opossum can hold up to 13 babies in her pouch. The babies remain attached to the mother for about two months. They move in and out of the pouch, often riding on the mothers back, for the next two months.