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Whether orphaned, injured, or sick, we work to rehabilitate all animals brought into our care. Proper diet, medication, treatments, and care are provided to enable the animal to be safely released back into the wild.  Careful steps are taken to ensure that the animals has the best chance at survival once released. 


We provide education programs at schools, community events, and parks to ensure people know the benefits of these animals to our environment.  Ignorance breeds fear, and is often detrimental to an animal. We try to  educate people on basic facts about these animals along with the ways they help our environment. We offer tips on maintaining wildlife in your area, along with ways to help people coexist with these beneficial creatures. 


We offer opportunities for people to volunteer in a variety of ways. There are lots of things that someone can do to help the animals at Possumbilities. A person can train to volunteer at the facility on a weekly or monthly basis. Community groups can volunteer for special projects. Or you can become one of the transporters, and help by picking up orphaned or injured animals. Also, you can collect donations, set up fundraisers, and more.  

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5981 Chamberlain Road

Lafayette, GA 30728




For intake between the hours of

7:00 am and 4:00 pm,

call Celsea at 706-996-0292.

After 4:00, call Kristy at 423-903-9158

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